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Federica CAMBIASO - Property Consultant - TARA HOME CONSULTING

I have significant project management experience which I am able to plan, coordinate and complete. I like to be extremely precise but I am also flexible and ready to change my way with a view to finding ready and efficient solutions.

My skills communication and analysis skills enable me to work in efficient teams and develop great collaboration aimed at satisfying the expected results. I am a dynamic and determined.

After the birth of my children I have developed proven and long-standing experience in management of companies operating in consulting services.

Property Consultant



With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in managing luxury rental markets. Having successfully established and operated my own business for several years both in the South of France and the UK, I have honed my skills in property management, market analysis, and client relations.

Drawing from my experience, I served as a consultant on numerous high-profile properties, providing invaluable insights and strategic guidance to optimise the value and appeal of clients rental properties.

My keen understanding of market trends, coupled with a proven track record of success in optimising rental properties, means I have earned a sterling reputation as a trusted advisor in the real estate and luxury rental market sectors, offering unparalleled expertise to clients and industry professionals alike.

I am a real outdoor person and I love spending my spare time hiking, running, cycling, skiing and beach walking with my two dogs.

Property Consultant

Alejandro CANELLAS

Alejandro CANELLAS

Professional with more than 20 years in the tourism industry, trained at the Balearic School of Tourism and the EAE Business School, I have mainly developed my career in the Commercial and Marketing area.

I consider myself decisive, with leadership skills, experience in managing human teams, planning commercial and marketing strategies, a good communicator and focused on obtaining results, always with the premise of reaching the best agreements for my company and clients. (win-to-win).

For the last 6 years I have focused on the vacation home sector, having advised and managed multiple properties in the Spanish market.

Owner Consultant



Interior Designer & Home Stager Expert specialised in the tourism industry with 15 years of experiences .

A Real Estate Image Enhancement Consultant is a recognised professional figure working in the real estate sector; specialised in helping non-hotel operators and private individuals approaching the rental business; to improve the image of their property by improving its criticalities and enhancing its potential.

I use an innovative, economical and profitable technique that comes directly from USA, I combine interior design with sales strategies (Marketing).

Today, more than ever, rental properties must be presented in an accurate and meticulous manner, especially because the bookings arrive from websites; today there are many competitors and they are all very aggressive; a HOME STAGING service and a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE will differentiate you from all of them, making you stand out on the web and making you earn much more!

Owner Consultant


Marlena PROSPATO - Owner Consultant - TARA HOME CONSULTING

I started my professional career in 2013 as an event and social media manager for a concierge based in Rome.

Growing professionally in this industry, as a sales and marketing manager, I became deeply connected to the world of tourism, dealing with the creation of tailor-made trips and experiences for private clients and companies.

In 2016 I started my experience in the vacation rentals , ending up managing bookings in homes for the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo.

My expertise lies in making a trip unforgettable for the clients and at the same time carefree for the owners, suggesting to them from the beginning how to propose their home and with whom it will be enhanced.

In my spare time I used to travel to explore new places and meet new contacts, now that I have recently become a mother of a little girl I love to do it with her and her father to admire the wonder of her first discoveries.

Owner Consultant



In my work experience, dedicated for years to the management of real estate. I have taken great care to carefully manage the needs of my clients while maintaining a focus on requirements and budget.

I have done and continue to do this job with passion, and attach great importance to empathy, knowledge and training.

I have tried, with effort and constancy, to maintain the synergy of these keys, which are essential both in the management of important properties and in the brokerage of important transactions as well.

The added value of my experience, however, has been coaching and management: the development of this area has given me great skills in problem-solving strategies.

All this has brought me great personal satisfaction, but above all excellent results in the profitability of the company and the clients I have interfaced with.

I firmly believe in transparency, mutual trust and the strength of a good team, top values that, together with my skills, I offer to my clients.

Owner Consultant



Trained in humanistic philosophy, I have accumulated extensive experience as the administrator of two companies in the large retail sector for 12 years.

My managerial experience has given me an in-depth knowledge of local regulations and industry practices, ensuring compliance and quality in every project.

I am well versed in the use of various software, optimising processes and solving problems efficiently.

My communication skills allow me to interface effectively with clients and suppliers, maintaining positive and collaborative relationships. I have demonstrated skills in coordinating teams and managing complex projects, always on time and on budget.

I am results and customer satisfaction oriented, with a focus on the quality of service provided. My proactive and problem-solving attitude allows me to address and resolve critical issues promptly.

I am currently pursuing a new course of study in the field of economics and tourism.

Owner Consultant


Giovanni Idini

In the last 20 years I have accumulated a vast experience in the creation and management of data networks, in the start of a company specialized in the management and automation of tourist facilities, in real estate investments, in artificial intelligence and tourism consulting for private individuals.

I also wrote a book that presents basic concepts to help people create their own business plan.

In my work I am precise and passionate: where most people see a complicated problem, I see an opportunity to face a challenge that will increase my skills.

I am passionate about judo, aviation and new technologies.

Owner Consultant


Serge Couturiaux

People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”, a powerful quote, I’ve carried until this day, all along my career within the hospitality industry. I come to you as a leading hotelier and epicurean at heart, with an extensive international career in luxury accommodation spanning over 30 years.

I performed as General Manager, managing high-end, five-star hotels. Earlier, I had the opportunity to excel as Executive Chef heading top-end hotel kitchens overseeing a multitude of fine dining restaurants.

I bring to you many talents and accomplishments within the luxury short-term rental business. I most certainly can assist you identifying some of the key issues that may be holding you back. Simply put, my knowhow can significantly improve overall guest experiences, leading to increased performance and better reviews.

I live in Brussels, where I enjoy living life to the full of outdoor pursuits, entertaining friends with open kitchen soirees, playing golf and more.

Digital Strategist



With 15 years of experience in tourism industry, Tiziana is a digital marketing consultant.

She started her carrier in 2009 as a front office agent in a chain of 4 stars hotel and gradually advanced to the position of front office manager.

The turning point of her carrier occurred in 2021 when she earned her master’s degree in digital tourism marketing with top marks. Today, she helps accommodation owners and managers improving sales and direct bookings through a tailored omnichannel strategy.

With a creative and authentic approach, she fosters a win-win mentality. Each strategy developed is a bespoke suit tailored specifically for the accommodation, meticulously designed to showcase its authenticity and thrive in the digital realm.